Spot Tea originates from organic tea farmland  located in the beautiful Zhejiang Province, South-eastern China.

All Spot Teas are derived from the green tea plant and then carefully processed into specific blends of green, white, oolong, jasmine, black, and flavoured teas.

More and more today, food safety is foremost on the consumer’s mind. The typical conventional teas found on store shelves today are grown using fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals and heavy metal levels in the soil. 

Spot Tea is a certified organic tea brand operating under the guidelines set forth by USDA Organic, NOP and Ecocert.  Grown organically without enhancers or chemicals, Spot Organic Tea is a brand that you can trust.

The health benefits of consuming green tea have been recognized internationally for years.  Consider a Spot of our tea for your next cupping experience.


  • Green tea is naturally low in caffeine
  • For lower caffeine try Spot organic white tea blends
  • Green tea is a calorie burning tool and used to fight cancers
  • Consumption of 1 cup (250 ml) of green tea per day increases antioxidant capacity in the blood